Cameron Cole

January 3, 305 NE
New Town





  • Power Negation
  • Sensory Removal
  • Neurocognitive Deficit
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Morrey Cole (twin brother)

Scarlet Guard


Silver Elite




Cameron Cole is a Red who possess a superhuman ability due to a mutation.

Biography Edit

Glass SwordEdit

Cameron is forced by Mare to help break into Corros Prison to save Julian, Sara and the others as she escaped, meaning she knew the layout.

Personality Edit

Nanny describes Cameron to have "superhuman rudeness" as an ability. Ever since she's met Mare, they begin to have mutual dislike for each other. However later, Mare feels the potential to build friendship. She's straight-forward and vulgar using slang very often. Mare states that she is "disarmingly stern."

Physical description Edit

Cameron is nice looking with dark skin, described to be a rich color of blackwood bark. In contrast to Mare, Cameron is tall and lean, with long and crooked fingers due to excessive work as a techie. She has tattoos on her neck and around her throat, with the identification numbers NT-ARSM-188907.


Cameron's ability to silence ranges from taking away a Silver's inherent ability to slowing someone's pulse and darkening of eyes as well as making their temperature drop several degrees. She can take away someone's five senses: sight, hearing, scent, touch, and taste.Also can kill with her silence.

Trivia Edit

  • Parts of King's Cage is told from her perspective
  • Cameron has a twin called Morrey, in the Dagger Legion

References Edit

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