You are a daughter of fangs and steel. What are you meant for, if not to rule? Be the best, the strongest, the smartest, the most deadly and the most cunning. The most worthy.
— Larentia's lesson to Evangeline
Evangeline Samos
  • Princess of the Kingdom of the Rift
  • Lady (former)

Eve, Evie




September, 301 NE






Metal Manipulation






Silver Elite


Scarlet Guard, Maven, Lakelands




Evangeline Samos is a magnetron of House Samos, and the second child of Volo Samos and Larentia Viper.


Evangeline is a member of House Samos and the daughter of Volo Samos and younger sister to Ptolemus Samos.


Evangeline, like most of her family, is cold-hearted and downright cruel to almost all people. She takes her time to gloat when Cal chooses her for his bride, and to threaten Mare if she ever gets in Evangeline's way. She is stubborn and fights for what she wants, as seen when she defies her instructor Rane Arven and refuses to fight. However, she loves her brother dearly, promising to free Mare as long as she didn't kill him. Evangeline is loyal to her House.

Physical descriptionEdit

Evangeline has long silver hair and cold, charcoal gray eyes. She almost always wears clothing that is made of metal, and has the ability to change her dress without removing it some cases. She often wears a cruel smirk on her face, especially when looking at Mare. Her teeth are also described as being white and sharp.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Evangeline is a powerful magnetron who can manipulate metal.


Ptolemus SamosEdit

Evangeline is shown to have a very close relationship with her brother Ptolemus. Both are very protective of each other. When Evangeline's life is threatened during the Sun Shooting, Ptolemus goes into a frightening rage and kills a member of the Scarlet Guard. He keeps a close eye on his sister, serving as both her escort and guardian after her betrothal to Maven. In return, Evangeline frees Mare and makes her promise not to kill Ptolemus. The siblings also have a great understanding of each other. Ptolemus marries Elane, Evangeline's lover, so that Evangeline and Elane can stay close together.

Elane HavenEdit

Elane is Evangeline's lover. Evangeline originally plans to make Elane her consort after her marriage with Prince Cal, though her plans come into naught when Maven takes over the kingdom. Even after Evangeline is engaged to Maven, she and Elane keep a close relationship behind closed doors.


  • She slept with a bullet around her neck for 2 years as a part of her training.
  • Evangeline was born 10 months after Cal; evidence of Volo's and Larentia's efforts to produce a daughter that would one day become queen.
  • Evangeline is a lesbian.[1]
  1. Victoria Aveyard's Tumblr Q&A

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