House Laris



Wind Manipulation

House Laris is one of the High Houses in the kingdom of Norta. Members of the family possess the ability to manipulate the wind. The Lord General Laris was the commander of the entire Nortan Air Fleet. They officially governed the Rift before House Samos rebelled against Maven's rule and formed their own kingdom.


King's CageEdit

House Laris aided Houses Iral and Haven in the plot to assassinate Maven Calore that was secretly orchestrated by House Samos. The windweavers used their power to throw Iral Silks across the ballroom, "wielding them like living arrows." When the assassination attempt fails, the Irals execute their escape plan by jumping out of the windows of the ballroom, where they are caught by gusts controlled by the Laris windweavers.


Members of House Laris are windweavers.

Notable membersEdit

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