House Samos

Black and silver


Metal Manipulation


The Rift

House Samos is one of the High Houses in the kingdom of Norta.


While they do not hold official administrative positions in Norta's government, or otherwise govern any of Norta's eight regions, House Samos has control of vast iron mining operations in The Rift - they are the de-facto rulers of the Rift region, and maintain estates in its capital, Pitarus, as well as homes on River Row and Archeon, Norta's capital.

House Samos have used their success to become one of the most powerful houses in the kingdom, possessing great wealth, power and influence, and remain a proud dynasty who are indispensable to Norta's war effort against The Lakelands. Heirs to House Samos are traditionally commanders of Archeon City Security, and, along with Houses Merandus and Osanos, have been considered one of the favorites of Queenstrial for generations. It's colors are black and silver.

It has, most recently, declared independence from Norta and now acts as ruling House of the newly-formed kingdom of the Rift, with its seat at Ridge House. It has united with other rebelling Silver High Houses with the Scarlet Guard and The Free Republic of Montfort (albeit begrudgingly - they remain allied for practical reasons, but differ socially and philosophically) to install King Tiberias Calore "Cal" VII on Norta's throne, with Evangeline Samos as his queen.


Members of House Samos are magnetrons, who can control and manipulate metal.

Notable membersEdit


  • House Samos might have been named after the Samos island in Greece. 

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