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Anyone can betray anyone.
— Julian Jacos to Mare Barrow
Julian Jacos

February 2, 276






Vocal Mind Control




Brown; graying




Sara, Mare


Elara, Maven



Julian Jacos is the last member of House Jacos and the only known singer alive. He is Cal's uncle and former Queen Coriane Jacos' brother.


Early life and Coriane's deathEdit

Julian grew up with Sara Skonos and his sister Coriane . When his sister was killed, Julian grew to hate Tiberias for not being able to save her and for marrying Elara Merandus, and Elara for punishing Sara by cutting her tongue out. Eventually, he also bore hatred for Maven for being Elara's son.

Meeting Mare Edit

Many years after Coriane's death, Julian encounters Mare Barrow, a Red with abilities disguised as a Silver. He was given Mare to be her teacher. Instead of teaching her lessons, Julian trained her to control her special powers.

But when Julian was studying her powers, he saw that she did not control electricity, she created it, something no Silver could do.

Julian produced a list of Reds like her, newbloods, and gave it to her. Mare eventually told Maven about this, who was actually plotting against her and used the list.

After a failed attempt to break out the Scarlet Guard prisoners, Julian and Sara escaped, while Mare Barrow and Cal, his nephew, were subjected to execution, but escaped.

In King's Cage, when Julian and Sara are in the Scarlet Guard, Sara finds a healer to give her a tongue. After so many years of suffering the pain of being mute, she was able to speak.


He is very curious, yet a very kind Silver that Mare sometimes forgets that he's a "scholar and a scientist". This shows when he measures the electrical energy of Mare's ability, and when he searched the blood-base for others like Mare. He is a wise guardian for Mare, teaching her how to control her lightning powers, and giving her warnings not to be "getting in over your head". 

He is a passionate person for what he thinks is right, a trait that mirrors Cal's. For despite knowing that helping Mare with the Scarlet Guard, he helps her anyway.

Physical descriptionEdit

When Mare first met Julian, he was wearing yellow robes that were stained and faded. He is also said to have chestnut brown hair and brown eyes.


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