Piedmont is a country located to the south. Unlike Norta, which has been described as the "light of the world", Piedmont and its people live in darkness, possibly alluding to its lesser technology than Norta.

The symbol of Piedmont is a seal with yellow and white stripes, and a purple star in the middle.


It is one of the allies of Norta, helping each other during the war against the Lakelands. The language in Piedmont, like Norta and Lakelands, is Common.

One of Piedmont's well-known products is cotton, which is considered very fine and alternative to silk. It is reserved for high-ranking officials, Security officers, and Sentinels. Silvers often purchase Piedmont-made cotton.

It has wild winters and swampy summers, and its inhabitants are not bothered by the heat. Foreigners from Norta and Lakelands are unused to the Piedmont sunshine.

Shade Barrow refers to the people of Piedmont as "Southie".


Piedmont is ruled by a group of princes, namely Prince Bracken, Prince Daraeus, Prince Alexandret, and Prince Denniarde. The younger prince and princess of Piedmont are Michael and Charlotta, Prince Bracken's children. Its ambassador to Norta is Belicos Lerolan.


  • Piedmont is in the location of the American South, with the exception of the Florida peninsula. It extends west to current-day Texas, and north until current-day Pennsylvania and Ohio.