The Red Queen series is a four-book, YA fantasy series by Victoria Aveyard first published in 2015.

Plot Edit

The YA fantasy is set in a world divided by blood color — red for ordinary people, silver for elites with supernatural abilities. Mare, a street urchin who steals to help her family survive, tries to save her best friend from being conscripted in the army. That quest lands her in a castle where, in front of the king and his court, she suddenly displays special powers — powers impossible for a Red. To hide this startling news and keep her under control, the king invents a past for Mare as a lost princess and sets her up to marry one of his sons. Mare becomes part of the Silver world but she also starts aiding the Scarlet Guard, who is plotting a Red rebellion. Mare becomes caught between these factions and her own heart as plans for the rebellion move forward.[1]

Books Edit

Main series Edit

Novellas Edit

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