The Lakelands are a nation to the north of Norta. The two nations have been at war for a hundred years, called The Aggression in Lakelander culture. The Lakelands is ruled by the Cygnet Dynasty, a family of Silver nymphs led by Orrec Cygnet.

Drowning of Farley's FamilyEdit

The Scarlet Guard had a branch in an unknown city in The Lakelands. An intelligence officer who was tortured cracked and gave away the location of the Scarlet Guard's base in the village. As a result, when Farley and her father were away, Orrec Cygnet raised the waters of a nearby bay called Hud and drowned the entire village as a show of power. Among those who drowned were Clara and Madeline Farley, Farley's mother and sister.

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