Will Whistle





Scarlet Guard


Silver Elite




Will Whistle was a black market trader in the Stilts. He was Mare's biggest customer- buying most of the items Mare pick-pocketed.

Biography Edit

Will met Mare when she was nine. Mare had a fistful of stolen buttons and Will paid her three copper pennies for them. After that Mare became best customer and as Mare says maybe even a friend. He even calls Mare "Little Barrow" from time to time.

When Mare begs him to take Kilorn and herself to safety- away from conscription, he first says no but is then convinced. He is part of the Scarlet Guard and works closely with Farley.

After Mare goes to the capital, Will helps her and Maven go to a meeting with Farley.

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit

Will is described as a feeble old man with a long white beard.

Trivia Edit


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