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Wren Skonos









Sara Skonos (relative)




Silver Elite, the Kingdom of the Rift


Scarlet Guard




King's Cage

Wren Skonos is a skin healer from House Skonos. She was in charge of healing Mare Barrow during her captivity in Archeon.


Attendant to MareEdit

As per King Maven's orders, Wren attends to Mare after Samson Merandus's brutal way of scouring information from Mare's mind. She also keeps Mare presentable at court, hiding bruises and making her look healthy. After the assassination attempt of the High Houses to Maven, Wren orders Ptolemus Samos to take the bullet from the king, while she heals him altogether.

The Rift's AllyEdit

Wren is present when the Scarlet Guard infiltrates and ensues chaos during the wedding of Maven and Iris Cygnet. She accompanies Evangeline as the magnetron searches for Mare. Evangeline kills the four Arven guards, while Wren tries to make Mare feel better. In return, Mare accidentally shocks Wren, which earns the skin healer an ugly burn on the arm. She later searches for Ptolemus with Evangeline. They find Ptolemus barely able to walk, due to severe blood loss and an missing right hand. Wren is unable to regrow Ptolemus's hand, due to the complication of the situation, and instead seals the cut to prevent him from bleeding.

She follows House Samos when they regroup with other members of their family, and spends late nights with Ptolemus while healing his hand.


Wren is a skilled healer and works fast and quiet, like Sara. At first, she was loyal to King Maven, attending to Mare and saving him from death. Once the chaos begins, Wren allies herself with House Samos and keeps its members free from harm during and after battles.

Physical descriptionEdit

Wren has dark gray eyes, bright and expressive. She is small and has blue-black skin. Like other healers, she wears plain clothes with red and silver on her shoulders.

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